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Monday, March 15, 2004

More on the Florida vote fraud in the making

Evidence that this fall’s election in Florida will once again involve massive fraud – perhaps even more and more blatant fraud than in 2000 – keeps piling up.

Similar election theft is likely to take place in several other states, notably in the deep South and far West, although Ohio also appears to be wide open to outrageous action.

The most recent suggestions of what’s to come in Florida are contained in the lead editorial of the New York Times for Sunday, Feb. 14. (Click on the link on the right side of this page.) The editorial really is more of a report than an opinion piece. It tells of egregiously and obviously erroneous vote totals in the recent Florida primary, of Florida officials’ refusals to provide paper records of touch-screen machine ballots, of what probably were “fixes” of a January election in two of Florida’s most populous counties, and more.

As I did here a few weeks ago, the Times also notes the close relationship between the Bush crowd and the major manufacturers of the new voting machines, who are major financial backers of the Bush campaign.

Take a look at the Times piece, and if you missed it, see the report below (Wiring the Coming Elections, posted Feb. 27) on the voting machines and the companies that make them.


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