James Clay Fuller

Things We're Not Supposed to Say

Thursday, November 16, 2006

An apology and explanation for absence

Several people have asked me via email when I'm going to eat the crow, raven and buzzard as promised in my last essay before the election. A couple have hinted rather strongly that I'm ducking rather than facing up to the fact that I was wrong.


I do apologize for not doing as promised, though I may halt my gnosh with the crow and maybe a drumstick from the raven. Frankly, having taken a good look, in odd moments, at who was elected and what they do or don't stand for, I don't think I was all that wrong. More on that when I get time.

Since the election, my family and inner circle of friends have been hit by an astonishing number of illnesses. One of my closest friends over the past 50 years underwent surgery and remains in a hospital, with the medics unable to figure out some post-op problems. Six members of my family have been ill. Two maladies apparently were relatively minor and the people are at least on the mend. Two are of unknown origin and no one seems to know how serious they are, and two definitely are serious, and have involved hospitalization.

Four of the seven situations have been made far worse than they needed to be by the executive enrichment program that passes for a health care “system” in this benighted, supposedly democratic paradise.

Please forgive my failure to follow through, and keep checking in. I have three or four pieces backed up, including the obligatory post-election reportage/commentary. (As usual, there are a number of important items of information the corporate press has failed to report.) I'll get to them asap.