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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Business as usual, two comments

The following comment on the "Picture of Dorian Bush" essay below is from Peter Barus, an East Coast reader now in the processing of moving to Vermont:

The part about suspending diplomats is creepy indeed,

I had not heard of it before. Seems to me that, rather than repeat the horrible mistakes of past reichs, this one is going to play it pretty cool until something forces their hand. So the dots will keep on piling up and piling up, and then one day we will be in a police state without anybody really noticing much of a change. Those that do will have no voice and no access to anything, so it won't even be necessary to go down to the slums and pick them up; just let 'em rot in place.

Meanwhile, the people who count economically will continue to live in a tightening circle of happy-talk while the famines and pestilences really get rolling outside. Truly something Poe would have written up if it weren't for the fact that he was a humorist. I guess he more or less covered it in Masque of the Red Death. Anyway I don't expect this process to make much noise, it'll seem like business as usual to most folks.


I've been somewhat surprised at the number of people who have responded to the connect the dots piece by saying they have similar fears for the future. Many apparently have come independently to the conclusion that the neocons will not leave unless they are forced out, and that they will go to previously inconceivable extremes to retain their hold on power.

So here's the question: If the White House bombs Iran, if it makes a nuclear attack on the country, what will you do? If they blatantly steal another election, or simply refuse to leave and declare that there is a national emergency that demands they stay in power, what will you do?

My belief is that the only thing that could counter such outrages is for the people of this country to shut it down. Refuse to work, get out and block the streets and airports, stop everything and let nothing function that isn't needed for sustaining life, and to hold that position until the thugs are out of the White House and in prison. I don't think there is the slightest chance of that happening, however.

In such circumstances, the people of the U.S. would mumble and grumble and go on as usual -- so far as the newly reconstituted government allows. As Peter says above, most would hardly notice the difference.