James Clay Fuller

Things We're Not Supposed to Say

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dems really are that dumb

It finally became clear – a fact so obvious that I kept looking past it for other explanations for why Barack Obama and the Congressional Dumbocrats have accomplished so little of what the majority of Americans want.

Big campaign contributions aside, they didn't understand. In fact, they lacked and still lack even the beginnings of understanding of why they were elected.

Locked into the circular nonsense support system within the Beltway, and within the party hierarchy, they didn't even begin to grasp that America wanted real change, not just the promise of change.

They thought it was as it has been for decades: People like or dislike your campaign promises and style, but they don't actually think things will be substantially different after an election. In fact, the pols hold, we, the people, don't want anything but the color of the paint to change.

Now the White House and the Dumbocrats are flailing helplessly, at a total loss as to why they have dropped so far so fast. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they are trying desperately to continue in the belief that only the far left wanted big shifts in policy and practice.

They didn't believe we really wanted the wars to end. They didn't believe we wanted the bankers and Wall Street truly brought to heel, and that dainty wrist slaps wouldn't begin to satisfy an angry public. They didn't think we were even aware of the continuing loss of civil liberties, loss of things such as habeas corpus, let alone believing that we wanted rights restored. They didn't take seriously demands for equal treatment of gays. They certainly didn't believe that we, the great majority, wanted big money out of the lawmaking process.

They were absolutely certain that if they went on as usual, the liberals would line up again and yet again to vote for them because, as Rahm Emanuel said, “Where else are they going to go?”

I'm sure most of the people who read this thing understood all that long ago. I didn't really get my head around it until, after an exchange of emails with my excellent state representative, I went downstairs to fix myself some lunch a couple of days ago. Sitting at the kitchen table I had one of those forehead slapping moments.

My God! They really didn't understand and still don't!

So now an obviously bewildered Barack Obama has summoned his campaign staff to return and begin selling him again to the American public. And Congressional Democrats already are putting themselves into position to lie down under the wheels of the very-minority right wing machine. Surrender is their first response to the slightest hint of adversity.

Meanwhile, the White House still is full of revolving-door Wall Streeters, and Obama is still – still, for heaven's sake! -- talking nonsense about bipartisanship and cooperation with the Dirty Dogs.

Meanwhile, the public is enormously angry and growing daily more angry but, in its ignorance of how things work, aiming its anger mostly in the wrong direction and supporting the very people who intend them the most harm.

Folks, there is little chance for a cure of idiocy on this level.

Given the Jan. 21 decision of the five warriors for the oligarchy on the Supreme Court, make that no chance.


Given the state of things, please consider taking the action recommended in the short essay immediately below this one. It is one of the very few actions you can take that could actually weaken the power elite to at least a small degree. Close your accounts with any of the giant banks; dump their credit cards and get some from smaller issuers. Please.