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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Newspaper comic predicts Bin Laden ploy

I’ve been absent from here for awhile, but I’m back now for at least a couple of months. Did a little traveling, then came down with a bug. But I’ve been reading, listening, keeping up most of the time.

My local daily newspaper, the StarTribune in Minneapolis, carries an often witty and often biting cartoon called Boondocks, about some sharp-tongued black kids and their views of the world. I don’t know how widely it is distributed, but it’s probably seen throughout most of the country. The Sunday, April 25 strip is ostensibly the strip planned for publication on Oct. 3, 2004, and has two of the kids talking about the newly announced capture of Osama bin Laden.

“Man, who could have POSSIBLY seen this coming?...” says one of the kids.

And that, of course, reminded me: I’m still taking entries for my little contest on exactly that – the timing of the announcement that Bin Laden has been captured.

We have to go with the date of the announcement because it’s entirely possible that the Bushies will withhold the information if the man is taken before the capture will be of peak benefit to them in the election. And to cover such a politically motivated action, they may lie about the date of capture. (Hey, let’s be realistic. They lie about almost everything; very few truths seem to suit them.)

Just click on the email link under “Contact” on the right side of this page, and give me your name, email address and the date you think fits the Bush bunch’s timing on the announcement that bin Laden is in custody.

The prize is small, just a deck of Shareholders Most Wanted playing cards for the three entrants who come closest to the actual date, but think of the prestige! You can tell all your friends that you knew it all along and I’ll testify to that truth.

The cards, by the way, are pretty neat. Each card carries the face and a little information on a different corporate crook, starting with Ken Lay, late of Enron, as the ace of spades.