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Things We're Not Supposed to Say

Friday, April 01, 2011

God is Bachmann's personal adviser?

So Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota's weird 6th District, major embarrassment to rational Minnesotans, has set up an exploratory committee and is trying to decide whether to run for president.

Actually, as Bachmann has made clear on numerous occasions, she is waiting for God to tell her whether to run for president, as He has instructed her, she says, in all other things political.

It is not clear why she needs a committee.

There are, of course, several other right wing politicians looking to God with equal confidence for the answer to the same question: Shall I run for president of the United States and share my beauty and genius with the world, or is it not yet time?

I can't help it. This plethora of mostly not very bright – and some downright drooling stupid – right wing politicians waiting for God's instruction on whether to run for president gives rise to some questions.

(Were the questions planted in my brain by God? Stay tuned.)

First, has there ever, in the entire history of the planet, been a politician who has acknowledged that God told him or her to sit down and shut up?

Did God ever say to one of them, “You're a bloody jackass, so shut your yap and stop trying to make a fool of me?”

Second, has there ever been a politician who found he or she was able to raise the money for a run for office and then decided not to run on the instruction, or at least advice, of God?

Third, has there ever been a politician who recognized that the money for a campaign wasn't going to roll in who heard from God that he or she should run anyway?

Fourth: In what form does the message arrive? Is it clear and concise, as in “Run” or “Don't run” spoken in a bass voice that makes the windows rattle? Or does it come in the puzzling form used so successfully long ago by the Oracle at Delphi: “Water runs downhill unless it is dammed?”

Five: If there is no thundering voice, what does God sound like? Does he whisper in one's ear?

Six: How does God ever get anything useful done if he spends so much time fussing about the futures of dimwit American politicians?

Seven: Is it possible to be more arrogant than to claim that whatever you do, you are following instructions contained in express personal messages from God?